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Watch VIdeo

Live timestamps

If you've ever found your self scrubbing your way through a long lesson to get to the "good" part, you'll appreciate time stamps. Timestamps will help you leave comments, create discussions and facilitate note-taking. You will never have to go through an entire video to figure out key topics.


Stay Connected with Your Audience

Real-time and responsive chat so you don't have to log off until every question has been answered.

Our simple design helps you conduct Q/A as well as poll during live sessions. This will work seamlessly during discussions and enhance feedback generation.

Space for Collaboration

Use breakout rooms to break students into small groups during class sessions. You can open and close rooms more than once during a session or move participants between rooms.


Note Taking

Let your audience easily take notes they can review later in combination with timestamps for easy reference, allowing for quicker review and better organization, all within one platform.

Access Classes Anytime

  • Your audience will be able to re-enter all their invited classes after the class has ended.
  • Audience can review notes, comments and ask questions pertaining the timestamps.
  • This interactive system with active engagement is in place to improve communication between host and audience.
Access Class

Browser Hosted

Login fast and easy. No downloads required.


Cloud Based

No need to download an application.



Locked with a password. So no Zoom bombers*.


Integrated Solutions

google docs

Education Partners


Mobile App Coming Soon

Chrome Casting

With Chrome cast, your audience can chrome cast their class on a larger screen.


Welcome to HOSTCLASS

Education is at a crossroads right now, where the choice is between clinging to old practices and theories or redefining learning in the age of COVID-19. The pandemic has forced the education industry around the world to close, prompting a chaotic scramble to move online. This sudden shift has left many with softwares that are far too complicated to use, or lack features that users demand,

Our team at hostclass aims to rectify this situation. Our web-based service simplifies video conferencing and enables users to host a class with just a few clicks.

HostClass is designed for educators to engage with their audience through use of innovative features like Real-time Chat, Breakout Rooms, Timestamped Q/A, and more. You can access Hostclass right here through your browser, no downloads required.

- Hostclass Team, Uzayr, Eric, Samuel, Sahir, Alain